Options to choose from

There are 2 options to choose from

Option A : I focus on your individual issues you need to work through within the programme format. These individual sessions are two hours at a time. The cost involved is R900 per hour, per couple. (Weekend and after hours appointments R965 per hour, per couple). You pay the practice and then claim from your medical aid.  If both of you have a medical aid, I can split the account between the two funds. If the fund does get exhausted during the course of the counseling, you stay personally responsible for the cost.

Option B (Weekend Workshop): You are part of a group of 7 couples (if there is enough couples who choose to select this option at that stage) and therefore we focus less on individual issues. The sessions are more educational in nature and you will still do the same homework assignments as in Option A and B and the same topics get covered, but if you struggle to address issues, we need to schedule an individual session. (Option A or B) I am not able to address individual issues in detail in a group format.  The cost is R4450 per couple for the weekend.   Workshops are presented in Pretoria.