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August 2014 Workshop

Anonymous 1:

We attended the workshop in August 2014.  What I liked the best about the programme was that we got to discuss specific topics, which we would not normally discuss (while still dating), which got us to talk and share about things and learn more about each other (earlier).  We had time during the workshop to discuss things on our own, so that we felt we could discuss “privately”, therefor more openly.  I feel that I got tools to help me be a better girlfriend/wife.

I feel more prepared for my marriage in that I have a few more skills to apply to make our relationship work.

I rate this workshop highly because it was relaxed and we learnt a lot of skills (not taught at school!) needed for a good relationship.

I am grateful that we attended!



I attended the workshop in August 2014, and I would say the following about the workshop:

What did you like best about the programme?

I liked the energy and the mood of the group.  Also, the exercises:  doing the exercises forced us to connect; I actually learned new things about my partner.  The questions made me think hard about the relationship status, problems we went through and the plans for the future.

In what way do you feel more prepared for marriage?

There is still more work to be done on our relationship.  I am glad we went through the workshop before setting up the final date of our wedding.  We will be reflecting on the improvement areas and resolve them (ALL OF THEM) before we set up the final date.


Anonymous 2:

During the workshop we attended in August 2014, we got to know our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a couple and how to improve.  Learning important (or critical) tools required in making our marriage successful.  We learned new things about marriage, life, sex and ourselves.

I feel more prepared for the marriage because I gained tools (practical) to assist in having a successful marriage.

It was a valuable experience for me.  It was a well thought-out programme.  It included a lot of preparation and material included that are practical and very useful.


Anonymous 3:

My partner and I attended the workshop in August 2014, and what I liked best about the programme was the professional guidelines provided to handle with a specific scenario – faced with/to be dealt with.  (Making/doing this in a very easy way/open way).

We were put in a position which enabled me and my partner to have an open discussion about our feelings regarding various topics.

I feel more prepared for our marriage because I understand all the criteria of a relationship/partnership taking to prepare yourself completely for that very important discussion before marriage.



What I liked best about the seminar was that it offered great reading material, action exercises (couple exercises) and very professional facilitation.  It also provided practical suggestions and well researched tools and statistics.  The facilitation included great use of alternative delivery methods – i.e. audio, visual material, DVD’s and use of humor.  The environment was pleasant and meals were great.  I feel that the upfront preparation contributes to more meaningful engagement during the course.  There was stimulating participation by all attendees due to pre-preparation.  I would highly recommend this course – especially for young couples.  I rate it as super because it was relevant, practical, useful and dynamic.  The workshop helped us to identify areas requiring attention and the tools with which to work with to address and resolve issues.  I am better prepared for marriage being more aware of the issues that commonly cause problems in marriages and being open to talk about it.

It is a fantastic course.



I attended the workshop in August 2014, and I would say the workshop meant a lot for our relationship.  It gave me the  ability to “reteach” bad behaviors, I learned new tools to change.

The facilitator was friendly, open and caring.

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