Date: 26.11.2011

Cornelia bied ‘n baie veilige omgewing waar ek gemaklik en veilig voel om volkome eerlik te kan wees met myself enmy maat.  Ek kon vir die eerste keer struikelblokke met my maat addresseer wat ek nog nooit die moed gehad het om te doen nie.

Ek sal enige iemand aanraai om haar huweliksvoorbereiding proses te volg.  Sy is wonderlik gewees vir ons.

Cornelia, met enige struikelblok of “bump in the road”sale k weer aa nou deur kom klop.

Baie dankie vir die wonderlike begin wat jy vir my en my man gegee het.


Date: 26.11.2011

Thank you so much Cornelia for everything that you have taught us and for the experience that you have shared.

I would highly recommend that every couple go through this program before they get married. I wish I had half the knowledge about identifying needs and fulfilling them correctly as I now do, thank you so much for this.

I will most certainly be sharing what you have taught me with everyone that I know, so please do expect a few calls from mates.

Oh, and the fact that my medical aid picked up the tab was an added bonus.

Best of luck with everything going forward.

Zula and Lauretta Tlholoe

Date: 03.09.2011

Wow! What a thought provoking, sensitive, empowering, enduring and educational session we had! In our view my wife and I think all couples planning to get married should afford themselves the opportunity with a professional equipping them as individuals to get to know each other before getting into a matrimonial union.

In a nutshell: Marriage is a house. Its ability to withstand the ever changing weathers depends on how it was built. Ultimately the properly built house lasts.  One needs to plan with common objectives from the onset. Foundation is key which is the knowledge and meeting of each other’s emotional needs and sharing and maintaining love. Bricks and reinforcement: as a couple you need to have a policy on how you agree on issues, undivided attention and honesty. Unforeseen and unplanned winds and tornados will be conflicts and disagreements of the two individuals. The roof is the systematic conflict management and act of listening and communicating, avoiding unnecessary disturbance in a marriage. So one should make it a point that their house can stand the test of time.

We as a couple are still well, good, healthy, loving, blessed and in love. The love banks are still in a positive. We are still having constructive conversations, fulfillment of our sexuality and committed to the course of love.  We are still committed in implementing the acquired knowledge. Nevertheless we are in love and the is still burning. We know each other better now. Thank you for your session.

I must confess that you have molded us to be this phenomenal couple with character and integrity in our marriage. A lot of my friends are saying we sound so empowered. Thank you once more.

Wynand & Sam

Date: 31.05.2011

We obtained lots of tools that will probably only be practiced and well entrenched after years. But we have all we need to guide us to ensure a happy and balanced family. Nothing was left out. Everything was covered to ensure that we have a healthy and balanced relationship and family. We were impressed with the speed and vast amount of material covered. The scheduling of sessions was very accommodating.


Date: 22.01.2011

The sessions were quite interesting, probing and generally emotional.  I think that the content was quite appropriate and useful.  Learned quite a lot about myself and my partner.  I would recommend this for all couples, married or not.


Date: 22.01.2011

I felt that our sessions were very useful for us in that we learnt a lot about each other ghrough the discussions and homework sessions.  The material is very practical and easy to put inot use on an everyday basis.  It also helps that there are printouts to refer to whenever necessary.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and felt that I had learnt something important after each sessions.  Thank you very much for your time.  I will keep re-learning and practicing what I’ve learnt here.


Date: 08.11.2010

We enjoyed the counseling sessions, it was a great eye opener. I found the questionnaires that you gave us very insightful and the discussions also helped me understand Sebaka a lot.

The other thing that I found very reassuring was the fact that the discussion were based on your professional experience and that you are also married and know exactly what you were talking about. It was definitely worth our while and the money.

You engaged us a lot and did not just dictate to us what and how we need to do things.

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